Our Advantage

The Challenge: The brand has distinct communication gaps with the various professional audiences that prescribe and/or influence prescribing.

Clients depend on questra med to provide the winning combination of strategically sound solutions that are creatively developed and flawlessly executed.  Our established Internal Control Program reflects our longstanding commitment to observance of the laws and regulations that govern pharmaceutical marketing and promotional activities.  This program allows questra med to focus on changing prescribing  or influencing behavior through the use of peer-to-peer solutions, while committing to high standards of conduct.  Our program offerings are focused on on-label promotion that is educational and peer-based.  Working hand-in-hand with audience-specific key opinion leaders enables us to develop intriguing, cutting edge solutions and then deliver them in a manner that maximizes audience reach and effectiveness.

Tactically, we primarily accomplish this through Peer-to-Peer, Non-Personal, and KOL Development solutions.