Peer-to-Peer Solutions

The Challenge: Not all peer-to-peer live events produce equal results.

Peer-to-peer can deliver impressive return on investment results when they are developed and implemented with the right strategy. There is much more that goes into a successful peer-to-peer program than meets the eye, whether it is an advisory board meeting, a key opinion leader dinner meeting, a webcast or a teleconference. With the experience of constructing and executing over 40,000 live peer-to-peer events, questra med expertise is sought after and valued by clients who are seeking outstanding return on investment results.

Clinical Speaker Network
More than a speaker teleconference, CSNs offer a unique, in-depth approach to peer-to-peer interaction, when you want to take a step beyond traditional peer-to-peer programs. Maximize the influence of your KOLs with your target audience and hard to reach physicians.

Dinner Meetings & Teleconferences
Traditional peer-to-peer programming has been proven effective in positively impacting physician behavior. We not only create content, but our team of highly trained moderators deliver it in conjunction with your KOLS. Our meetings department and call center staff handle all program logistics, including recruiting.

Satellite Symposia
Satellite programs can be conducted in a variety of venue sizes, from restaurants to hotels to movie theaters. These programs offer your target audience a unique opportunity to engage live with KOLs via satellite feed, allowing for consistent messaging nationwide.

Web Conferences
Web Conferences allow you to make your message available to a larger audience, regardless of geography. Our creative and technology teams handle content, all IT requirements and delivery for a seamless, effective event.

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