Non-Personal Solutions

The Benefit: Maximize audience reach by addressing different learning styles and preferences.

Healthcare professionals continue to have a tremendous appetite for promotional medical education, but the demands on their time often make participating in live events difficult. Quality access by pharmaceutical representatives is also becoming a challenge. The questra med strategy for maximizing audience penetration with quality promotional education incorporates offering a range of customized promotional tools to bring your message to the appropriate healthcare professional.

Non-personal solutions bring your promotional education content to healthcare professionals in a manner that fits their various learning styles and time constraints.

Direct Mail
Well conceived and executed direct mail programs not only deliver your message but can open lines of communication with high value prescribers. Our direct mail programming delivers up to 30% prescriber response rates. If it didn’t work, our clients wouldn’t keep asking for it.

Hospital Profiling & Sales
Our team helps you map out your hospital strategy through teleprofiling and move share through hospital telesales. Our pharmacists and nurses help you craft, target and deliver messaging into covered and uncovered institutions. Our ability to win formulary approvals, remove restrictions and increase DDD sales and contracts helps you increase share.

Lunch and Learns
Recorded, current programming allows your representatives to deliver high value content to their targets. Easily downloadable WAV or MP3 files provide cost effective content that can be used thousands of times at minimal cost. Web-based tracking tools allow marketing and sales departments to track sales force activity and corresponding sales increases.

Pharmacy Messaging
Pharmacy messaging through either direct mail or teledetailing builds advocacy and helps ensure this vital audience knows your message.

Slide Decks

If you need cosmetic changes to an existing slide deck or one created from raw data, we can help. Our medical writers in conjunction with leading clinicians and researchers bring your message to life.

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